3 steps to shine online

Discovery phase

We first need to understand your project and get to know who you are. It is crucial for us to partner with you and become a team member. During this phase, we can gauge what your website needs are and define together the website creation plan.

Website creation

We then start creating your website and regularly check if you are satisfied with the look and feel as well as the functionalities. We know your project is your baby and we want you to be proud of it. Didn't we already say we are a team after all?


We believe empowering you to handle your website will make you as agile as possible (and we'll be here as your safety net). We organise a session to explain all the tools you have to manage your website and provide video tutorials too.

Why work with us?

Emilie, the head of the French Design Studio, has the marketing eye since she’s a marketing graduate. It means she won’t blindly execute but will be able to advise you. She has more than 20 years experience in webdesign. She’s an entrepreneur herself so she understands how important your project is to you.

If you speak French, please check the marketing services we provide with my fellow marketing freek Anna through 47.7 Agency.


Have a project in mind?